Mike Continues to Live On

I received a phone call this morning that I thought I would share with you. Dr. Cotler (Mike’s liver specialist at UIC) called this morning to check on us & to see how we were doing. He also said that he had attended the “Sweetness Ball” on Saturday night. The “Sweetness Ball” is hosted by The Walter Payton Center Guild at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System. The fundraising gala supports education, research, and treatment of liver and digestive-related diseases. Brittney Payton was the emcee of the event of which over 700 people attended. He said that Brittney spoke of Mike! He said she spoke of his smile, his quiet demeanor and his passion for his family and our love & support of him. He said that she was sobbing the entire time she was speaking and talked about how much Mike had impacted her life in the hour that she had spent with him!!! Dr. Cotler was so wishing that the boys and I could have been there but he said he had no idea that she would be speaking of Mike and that he didn’t think she did either until she heard that Mike had passed away. He said that he and Brittney would make sure that we were invited to the gala next year. What an honor and tribute to Mike!!!!